• What will be range of T6X?
    It is engineered to travel more than 100 k.m. in single charge.
  • How long will it take to charge it?
    It takes 1 hour to 80% charge the vehicle.
  • What will be the speed of T6X?
    T6X is engineered to run at 100 k.m.p.h.
  • How long will the batteries last?
    The batteries will be good for 1,000 cycles of charging which makes it equal to 100,000 k.m. of travel. This is equivalent to the life of any motorcycle. That means the batteries are good for life of motorcycle. Even after 1,000 cycles of charging it only reduces its capacity to 80%.
  • Can I ride it when it is raining?
    Yes, without any problem at all.
  • Can I ride it through water logged areas?
    Yes, the motorcycle's electronics and battery box is IP 67 standard i.e. water resistant.
  • How does T6X communicate with server?
    It has an in built device which constantly sends the vital data to server. You need not have to do anything. The transmission happens automatically and seamlessly.
  • When can I buy T6X?
    Anyone can buy T6X after bookings are open. Please follow us online for updates. You can pre-book now to receive special newsletters and insights into Tork Motors.
  • Which will be the cities where T6X will be made available?
    At present we have plans to sell T6X in Pune, Bangalore and New Delhi. We will enter in other major cities of India in phases.
  • Will it be government certified? Will I need insurance and driving license for driving T6X?
    Yes, it will be government certified vehicle. A customer will also need insurance and a valid driving license to ride it.
  • Can I avail bank loan to buy T6X?
    Yes, bank finance will be made available to buy T6X. Please follow us online for updates. You can pre-book now to receive special newsletters and insights into Tork Motors.
  • Where, when and how can I test ride T6X?
    Please pre-book now for the test rides and to receive special newsletters and insights into Tork Motors.
  • How many electricity units will the full charge need?
    It will need 4 units of electricity to fully charge the batteries.
  • How and where can I charge T6X?
    As a T6X customer you will have your own charging plug which will be installed at your premises from Tork. We will just need necessary permissions from your side.
  • Will there be public charging places available for charging?
    Yes, we will setup charging infrastructure across the city where we will enter.
  • Can I keep it for charging overnight?
    Yes, you can. Once fully charged it will automatically stop charging and stop drawing the electricity.
  • Are you providing any mobile app?
    Yes, you will be able to download a mobile app which will provide you all the required information about motorcycle and charging and much more...
  • What about regular servicing?
    Electric vehicles are simple and durable machines, it doesn't require periodic servicing. Since the motorcycle is cloud connected, we will be able to recommend servicing when we find any abnormalities of your motorcycle.
  • How safe is the battery box?
    Our battery has intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) which continuously tracks and monitors each cell of the battery during charging and discharging, to take proper care of its health and to provide smart power consumption.
  • image 100 KMS RANGE
  • image 80% CHARGE IN 1 HOUR
  • image 4.3” TFT SCREEN WITH GPS