Caution Notice

It is hereby notified to the public at large that M/s Tork Motors Private Limited (“Company”) having its registered office at Plot No. 4/25 Sector No.10, PCNTDA, Bhosari, Pune – 411026, Maharashtra, India and Corporate Office at C-9-10 (11), MIDC Chowk, YCM Hospital Road, MIDC Bhosari, Pune – 411026, Maharashtra, India is engaged in the business of manufacturing etc. of Electric Bikes under the brand name “KRATOS”, “KRATOS R” (“Products”).

It has come to the knowledge of the Company that some unscrupulous and unidentified persons, with their ulterior motive, are posing/impersonating themselves as purported employees/representatives/agents of the Company and are apparently offering Dealership/ Distributorship/ Bike Bookings by making fraudulent websites similar to the Company Website and through other modes viz. telephone calls or fake/forged letters; soliciting or demanding deposits/money from the public at large in their bank accounts by offering such fake dealership etc.

The Company has identified following few fake websites :-


Further, the fraudsters are misusing/infringing the name, trademark, domain name and logo of the Company with a view to tarnish the image and reputation of Company for their illegitimate gains.

Public at large is hereby notified that the Company is having only one website, i.e. Through this notice, Company cautions to the public at large that the Company (and its associated/group companies) does not solicit or offer Products/Dealership/Distributorship through any other website. The Company has neither appointed nor authorized any person or agency to offer Products/ Dealership / Distributorship on any digital platform or otherwise except on www. and has no relation to any of the fake websites, or has not authorized any person to issue any distributorship/dealership letters or to demand any deposit or money from the public at large by any means.

The public in general are also advised not to fall prey to such fraudulent activities/representations. The Company bears no responsibility/liability for amounts/money being deposited / withdrawn in response to such Offers.

Such unscrupulous activity carried on or attempted by the person’s, are hereby warned of strict legal action under Indian Penal Code, 1860; Information Technology Act, 2000 and other applicable Laws whether Civil or Criminal, for deceiving, cheating, fraud, misinterpretation, forgery etc. to the public at large and for infringing and violating the intellectual property rights and tarnishing the reputation/goodwill of the Company.

Should you come across any such fraudulent incident or have any information regarding any person operating such fake websites and carrying on such fraudulent activities, please assist us in taking appropriate action to curb such malafide and illegal activities.

You may reach us at and contact no. 1800-3130-231 :(Monday to Friday – 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM)