Vehicle Data Policy


At TORK, we are continually developing technologies and services to make our vehicles safer, more environmentally friendly, more convenient and more fun to drive, and to provide other useful features and services to owners and drivers of TORK vehicles. Some of these technologies and services collect, use or share information related to your TORK vehicle (your “Vehicle”). This includes information collected, generated, recorded or stored by in-vehicle (“onboard”) systems, sensors, and equipment and information generated by your interaction with the technologies and services.

TORK has developed internet / mobile applications in order to provide various services to its users/customers. The Vehicle also has in-built device(s) which captures, records, stores information related to Vehicle. TORK may collect and use different types of data including Vehicle data, driving activity through its internet/mobile applications and/or vehicle in-built devices, Personal driving activity details, Telematics Data etc. for wide range of purposes including providing assistance to locate and track the vehicle on good effort basis. The data may include but not limited to (a)Vehicle GPS Location, Telematics Data for Navigation and other purpose; Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data for Crash Alerts, Lean Angle etc.; Sensor Data for vehicle safety and performance monitoring; Vehicle Information for Over the Air (OTA) Updates etc.

We will also record and store information relating to service request, customer request for repair of the Vehicle, service jobs performed upon the Vehicle, warranty history of the parts/spares of the Vehicle, insurance claims history in order to provide after sales services to You.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that such information shall be deemed Vehicle information and shall be solely owned by TORK. The above information/data may be shared with any other person(s) only to

(i) comply with applicable laws

(ii) defend itself against any claims including third party claims.

In the event, if You intend to transfer the ownership of the Vehicle purchased by You, You (“ Seller ”) shall be responsible to promptly notify TORK of such sale. On receipt of notice from the Seller, TORK shall delete all information relating to the Seller from its systems except information that is required to be retained by TORK to

(i) comply with applicable laws

(ii) defend itself against any claims including third party claims.

You agree that any Vehicle related information recorded by TORK is TORK’s property and will be retained by TORK. You agree to inform any purchaser of the Vehicle (“ Buyer ”), that the Buyer’s use of the Vehicle is subject to such Buyer’s acceptance of TORK’s terms and conditions. You will be required to pass on any such Vehicle information or information regarding the maintenance and servicing of the Vehicle (including the Maintenance Matrix) to the buyer of the Vehicle. In the event You intend to change the user profile on the Vehicle, You will follow the same procedure as specified above. The profile of the new user of the Vehicle shall be updated subject to the acceptance by the new user of TORK’s terms and conditions.


Please revisit this page periodically to stay aware of any changes to this Vehicle Data Policy, which we may update from time to time. If we modify this Vehicle Data Policy, we will make it available through the Website and indicate the date of the latest revision.
This Privacy Policy was last modified on 13 May, 2022.


If you have any questions or concerns or grievances regarding this Vehicle Data Policy, you can contact our grievance officer or would like to withdraw your consent, you can write to us at