Discover what makes Tork’s technology so powerful

Tork Motors has been persistent in its approach of Make/Develop in India for the world. We are amongst the very few manufacturers to commercially utilize the advantage of Axial Flux Technology in a two-wheeler in India. We have achieved a phenomenal efficiency range of 90%-96%.

Our tech is compact, low-noise, scalable, cost-efficient, and built with optimum system integration for optimum performance.


From custom solution design & engineering to full-scale production, we’ve got you covered. We concentrate on high-performance technologies for automotive applications.

  • Axial Flux Permanent Magnet (AFPM)

    When compared to a radial machine, the axial flux machine has a shorter and direct flux path. The magnetic field remains strong along the shorter path which significantly helps to increase the efficiency (90% - 96%) and the power density of the machine.

  • 2-Speed Gearbox

    Our gearbox is designed for application-specific utilization, can power 2-wheelers, and can be customized for 3 wheelers as well, for on-the-fly shifting, clutch & synchro.

  • Integrated Design

    The motor, gearbox, and controller are connected for ease of fitment for OEMs, making it a space-saving solution with hassle-free serviceability.

Reimagine what a Powertrain can do

Tork has created a truly capable powertrain that is adaptable, designed
& developed to drive 2-wheelers and
3-wheelers with ease even on rough terrains with impressive gradability.

Peak Power
7.5 - 9kW
Max. Torque
25 - 40nm
RPM Range
5000 - 7000
Tork With Us

If you have any questions or just want to connect with us and the team over a cup of coffee or chai, feel free to reach out.