How do I get back the subsidy amount?

Both the Kratos and Kratos-R will be priced in the hand of the customer after deducting FAME II and state subsidy. A customer has to do nothing to claim the subsidy.

What about regular servicing?

Kratos requires less frequent servicing. Since the motorcycle is cloud connected, we will be able to recommend servicing when we find any abnormalities of your motorcycle. The servicing will be taken care of at your doorsteps.

Are you providing any mobile app?

Yes, you will soon be able to download a mobile app which will provide you with all the required information about motorcycles, charging and much more.

What is TIROS?

TIROS is Tork’s Intuitive Response Operating System. It is our indigenously built operating system which powers the Kratos. A good analogy would be the case of iOS or Android powering our smartphones today. TIROS is the software that runs our hardware!

How safe is the battery box?

Our battery has an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) which continuously tracks and monitors each cell of the battery during charging and discharging, to take proper care of its health and to provide smart power consumption.

How and where can I charge Kratos?

As a customer you will have your own charger which will be installed at your premises from Tork. We will just need necessary permissions from your side.

How long will the batteries last?

The batteries will be good for 1,000 cycles of charging which makes it equal to 100,000 k.m. of travel. This will be enough over the lifetime of the motorcycle. The batteries are durable. You won’t need to change or replace the batteries.

How long will it take to charge Kratos?

For both the vehicles, it takes between 4 to 5 hours for full charge by a home charger. Only Kratos-R comes with fast charging support which can be charged up-to 80% in 1 hour.

How do I charge my motorcycle?

The Kratos and Kratos-R both come with a home charger. Before you get the delivery of the motorcycle our team will get in touch with you and set up the required infrastructure at your home.

The Kratos-R has fast charging capabilities and hence you can plug into any of our public charging stations that are discoverable and accessible through the TORK app. We aim to ensure that you are never more than 5km away from a charging station in your city. We will start with installing the T NET on the city outskirts

How can I buy Kratos?

Please visit and book your Kratos. Once the booking is done, you will be prompted to pay the rest of the amount or avail loan to complete the process of buying Kratos.